INMAN can provide a variety of reports and dashboards using suitable applications. A highly effective BI platform has to balance two often contradictory requirements:

  • ease of use. 
  • comprehensiveness. 

While many leading BI vendors come close to addressing this challenge, for every BI feature ease of use may come at the expense of advanced functionality or vice versa. In addition, the solution needs to fit in with current systems and architecture.

Some BI solutions include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight, a new business intelligence (BI) service based in the Amazon cloud. This new platform is inexpensive, highly scalable, and has the potential to disrupt the BI vendor landscape. QuickSight is a good solution where there is no great requirement for out-of-the-box connectors to popular enterprise applications, a report writer with pixel perfect report generation capabilities and the solution is reliant on database models and schemas.
  • Splunk® offers the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. It enables the curious to look closely at what others ignore—machine data—and find what others never see: insights that can help make your company more productive, profitable, competitive and secure. 
  • Business perfomance dashboard in Xero provides a simple yet powerful way to measure your business at a glance.
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