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Cloud - Google Apps

Develop and support cloud applications on the dynamic Google App Engine Platform

As the Google App Engine increases in popularity, you may be considering moving your applications to this provider. However, you may not have the in-house expertise needed to effectively make the switch. This is where INMAN can help.

Our team of dedicated Google App Engine consultants and developers can support you with a Google App Engine Platform.

You can:
  • use the Google App Engine as a standalone office productivity suite to host custom applications
  • develop applications using a hybrid model (both on-premise and Google App Engine)
  • develop cloud versions of current applications on the Google App Engine Platform
  • take advantage of the Google App Engine Platform which provides ready-to-use tools such as search, maps, Gmail and more
  • integrate Google App Engine with your existing business systems

For further INMAN information, please contact info@inman.com.au.