Working together
Today, an IT Department finds nearly every business process involves multiple people working from mobile devices, collaborating with partners and clients outside the corporate network and across geographies. The legacy enterprise software stack simply no longer suffices. The IT department has responded to the new demands of today’s workplace. Deploying solutions like Google, Amazon Web Services and various shared storage services leads to a much more user-centric enterprise IT strategy. For the first time, personnel can safely work with the very best tools for the task at hand, CISOs are happy with better visibility and control of data, and the IT organization can begin to focus on delivering differentiated technology experiences.

But this is just the start. Once you look beyond the definition of traditional IT, a far bigger shift is taking place. We’re entering an era of unprecedented business transformation, driven by the same set of trends that led to user-centric IT. Mobile, cloud, internet ubiquity, and an explosion of data are beginning to not only change the way companies’ employees work, but the very products they build and the business models that power them. INMAN helps this journey with cloud products, integration services and consulting. Quality is built in by design.

For better, faster and cheaper delivery reasons, INMAN encourages the use of Open Standards, Open Source and Commercial Off The Shelf ("COTS") solutions to the extent possible. These help meet the challenge of providing a single and seamless view of customer data, emails and meeting notes from several sources. INMAN provides an existing collection of proven Extract, Transform, Load ("ETL") processes and develops more as required to orchestrate data from many sources. The bigger challenge is often to manage team / customer viewing / editing permissions as the platform evolves. This requires careful design and ongoing level two support. 
 Rapid deployment of web-facing and mobile applications and the establishment of BYOD (bring your own device) policies prompt many businesses to set aside extra budget dollars for security and IT policy and governance audits. INMAN can assist with this review. 

As a professional services firm itself, the INMAN uses cloud solutions itself. INMAN can quickly deliver concrete business outcomes by working closely with customer personnel and relevant commercial and technology partners. INMAN can packages increased collaboration and co-development between application developers and system software specialists, with toolsets that can automatically set up and deploy underlying systems infrastructure. This will allow developers to focus more on top-level business coding. Investments will be made because of the potential to speed applications to market and to hedge against shortfalls in deeper level systems skills that many IT personnel are starting to experience.