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Virtual CFO

What is our VCFO service? 

A Chief Financial Officer ("CFO") is a key, senior member of a company’s management team and is responsible for more than just the accounting side of a business, extending into areas such as strategy, risk management and systems.
While all companies need the commercial expertise and experience of a CFO, a full time person this may be beyond the reach of smaller businesses.  Our VCFO service is to provide a Virtual CFO who can deliver critical services that a company requires to help your business grow profitably.

Benefits of our VCFO service?

We provide you with a comprehensive framework of financial analysis tools, which includes:
  •     Financial KPI analysis
  •     Profitability analysis
  •     Cash Flow analysis
  •     Growth Analysis  Trend analysis
  •     Comparative & Benchmarking
  •     Identify and implement “Strategy into Action”

Benefits for clients:

  •     Track, understand, and improve KPIs
  •     Improve management oversight & decision making
  •     Achieve optimal business results
  •     Generate greater shareholder returns

Benefits for advisors:

  •     Stand out from the crowd
  •     Proactively engage your clients
  •     Efficiently create performance focused reports
  •     Generate additional revenue
  •     Use our services to win new clients

What type of companies are our specialities?

We support companies that:
  •    need to compare business units / branches / franchisees.
  •    need to become “Long Term Profitable”, “Investment Ready” and “Employers of Choice;
  •    have raised capital and need to execute and extend The Plan.


The investment required for a VCFO service starts at $900 for a one day review each month. We can help with budgets and strategic projects as well.

Summary of VCFO Services

Financial Information (in co-operation with your Accountant or Bookkeeper)

  •        Accounting
  •        Bookkeeping
  •        Monthly Dashboard Reporting
  •        Budget Analysis
  •        KPI / Lead Indicator Reporting
  •        Activity Based Costing
  •        Cash flow Planning and Monitoring
  •        Business Planning
  •        Liaise with External Tax Accountants
  •        Assist with Year End Planning and Financials

Growth & Profit

  •    Undertake Investment Ready Diagnostic
  •    Highlight key issues that need to be addressed
  •    Agree and can help action plans.

Business Funding

  •    Liaise with External Advisors to ensure that tax and corporate structures are the most appropriate.
  •    Review all facets of the capital raising process and recommend Action Plans
  •    Review and Identify with any M&A activity
  •    Prepare all necessary documentation for capital raising including:
o    Information Memoranda
o    Investor Presentations
o    Transaction Support
o    Due Diligence
o    Executive Summaries
o    Valuations


  •    Member of Strategic Team
  •    Planning Tools & Processes
  •    Prepare Strategic Business Plans
  •    Financial Modelling
  •    One Page Action Plans

Business Development

  •    Business Model Development
  •    Plan Implementation
  •    CRM
  •    Sales Pipeline Reporting
  •    Identify systems and processes
  •    Identify Waste Reduction /Audit and Counter-measure Plans

Legal Documentation (a commercial view in co-operation with your lawyers)

  •    Review critical contracts
  •    Liaise with lawyers
  •    Review, develop and document terms of trade
  •    Review patents, trade marks, copyright, etc
  •    Identify and Develop Intellectual Capital
  •    Liaise with IP Attorneys
  •    Review and agree templates for:
o    Non disclosure
o    Licensing
o    Contractor
o    Employment
o    Supply
o    Manufacturing


  •    Identify Key Suppliers
  •    Review all suppliers existing contractual arrangements
  •    Establish Action Plans for Key Suppliers
  •    Agree On-Going Cost Downs

Team Development

  •    Establishment of Action Plans to be recognised as an Employer Of Choice

Monthly Management Meetings

  •    One Page Action Plans
  •    Monitor Implementation and Officers Responsible


  •    Coaching & Mentoring
  •    One Page Action Plans
  •    Continuous Improvement

For further INMAN information, please contact info@inman.com.au.