INMAN delivers solutions that enable businesses to be more productive and so drive up sales and margins. Xero is delivering accounting software online. INMAN helps connect businesses together through recommending:
  • benefits from the Add-on approach where software partners are doing the integration for their customers, at scale. You don't have to spend big money on integration.
  • conversion tools from other products. The Xero open API helps a lot.
  • business hubs that facilitate commerce between businesses.
Where broadband is fast and reliable, Cloud applications such as Xero revolutionise business and accounting by:
  • enabling your team to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • cost saving. Cloud software means you don’t need servers with their financial cost and operational issues. The difference is huge.
  • connecting businesses to each other. Businesses need to share information all the time. It opens up a range of opportunities by removing manual entry.  
We make it easier for you to successfully focus on your large customers who buy your products and services. With the sale complete, we then help you to be paid faster. We help you focus on  presenting your offers and documents to the right person at the right time in the right way. This increases your ability to become accepted and known as the regular partner with your customer. This customer intimacy creates a virtuous circle: the better you know your customer company with its objectives and difficulties, the better you are able to provide an optimal solution.

The more adapted your products and services are, the happier the customer will be, and the stronger the urge to put their business your way. Customers who buy less will still benefit from your standard, efficient workflow. Xero is both flexible and efficient, helping you succeed with both large and small customers.

In addition to Xero and other Add On applications in the Cloud, the current reality is that many businesses also require integration with legacy applications on their desktop or local server. A Business with poor internet connections is unlikely to be completely Cloud based. Integrating Xero and applications such as Excel makes it easy for you if you continue to rely on some PC applications. One solution is to synchronise your systems overnight and publish a Dashboard that is updated daily.

INMAN can help integrate your mobile and legacy business systems with your Xero account. Whether that be invoicing, contacts, or any number of other Xero features - we can develop systems that keep your data in sync, and flowing seamlessly between Xero and your existing back office applications and services. 

If it is now time to migrate to Xero, INMAN will help with onsite support and systems to seamlessly migrate the existing financial and customer information across to Xero as a one time process, ensuring historical information and customer contact details don't need to be re-entered into the new system.

Once you have Xero running, our help continues as we export, transform and load the data you need. This provides the specific format that you need to provide reports in a set format and that fit in with existing business processes.

Add On partners that we find interesting are:

Xero owned:

An advanced accountants workpaper solution designed and owned for Xero. Workpapers is in beta use by over 100 Accounting and Bookkeeping Partners. Xero will continue to build out the functionality and scalability of the software and release it under the Xero brand in March 2013 for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Another Xero owned product. Comprehensive online job management solution that pushes sales & purchase invoices, tracking information and contacts into Xero.

Services include: Invoicing & Jobs, Time Tracking.

Smaller businesses may be interested in:

Unleashed provides online inventory software for Xero, allowing accurate costs, margins and stock control. Integration with Xero is seamless and easy.

Vend is point-of-sale software for clever stores. Vend is online, like Xero, so there is nothing to install and you can use it on almost any computer.

Larger businesses may be interested in:

Streamline workplace management - manage and record everyday Human Resource, Contractor and Work Health Safety compliance obligations.

Management reporting and financial analysis tool which helps you to assess performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.

Manage complex inventory requirements, manufacturing, multi-currencies, and mobile and online ordering. Suitable for 5 or more staff.

Secure, ATO compliant document management. Easily create Xero entries directly from scanned docs or emails. Outsource data entry and become paperless.

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